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Planning and structuring in all areas of finance creates success. Michaela and her team are your partners in establishing a solid foundation and a pathway to wealth. Their services include but are not limited to:



Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
Budgeting & forecasting
Business Contracts
Assistance with Financing
Management Consulting
Payroll Services
Portfolio Management
Risk Assessment & Management
Royalty Accounting
Software Solutions
Audit Services
Financial & Strategic Planning



Acquisitions & Mergers
Charitable Trusts
Company Secretary
Estate Planning
Farm Accounting
Forensic Accounting
Human Resources
Information Technology
Rental Property
Self Managed Superannuation Funds
Selling a business



Goods & Services Tax
Fringe Benefits Tax
Capital Gains Tax
Pay As You Go Instalment & Withholding
Income Taxation
Taxation Return Preparation
Taxation Advice & Consulting
Business Activity Statements



Financial Forecasting
Analyzing Financial Statements
Profitability Analysis
Analyzing Accounts Payable
Customised Accounting Services
Consistent Accounting Practices
Investment and Returns
Future Costs and Revenues
Data Analysis
Regulations & Compliance
Contract and Negotiations
International Business



Wealth Psychology
Personal Budget Analysis
Individual Planning and Goals
Debt Management
Personal Guidance



Structural Planning
Tax advice and preparation of returns involving cryptocurrency


Your financial future

The path to stability and security comes through balance! Rankin & Associates will help you uncover and discover the potental possibilities of your financial future.

Knowledge is wealth

We’re all about learning and earning

Commerce, trade and fiscal management are practices that have been undertaken since ancient times. The energetic exchange of goods and services for currency comes with an intrinsic set of rules. These rules are now interpreted into Law by our governing bodies.

Everyone requires the services of an innovative accountant to look after their financial matters at any given time. The process necessitates a provider that respects the privacy of the process, is thoroughly knowledgeable and up-to-date with all matters of finance.

Rankin & Associates takes a nurturing and creative approach to bring balance for you and your businesses financials. In our ever-changing, fast-paced world the principles that underpin the ancient practice of exchanging goods still apply. Rankin & Associates is your partner that will look after every facet of your finances facilitating pathway to wealth.



Michaela Rankin

B.Com (Accg) CA ATI

Michaela began her career in one of the four largest accounting firms in the world in their Sydney office. Michaela is a tax specialist passionate about fairness and equality for business owners, investors and individuals. Michaela has 20 years experience as an accountant and business advisor and has a wealth of knowledge across accounting, tax structures and business management on national and international levels. Michaela specialises in alternate business operations, structures and investments and continually updates her knowledge of tax laws in all areas. Michaela is also experienced in the arena of cryptocurrency.

What our clients say

Michaela is a great accountant for an Artist like myself. She has a firm grasp on the Australian tax knowledge that I seek, assisting me with her services of tax planning and business structures, as well as handling royalties, payments and more. Furthermore, she is also currently helping me with US tax and accounting advice. Michaela handles everything responsibly, promptly and professionally and is an asset to the team.
— Darren Hart - Musician - Harts

Michaela Rankin has been our Accountant for 5 years, she has assisted across all areas of our business for The A&R Department and our music school, Oxford Creative Academy.

Michaela provides us with the upmost care and support across all areas of accounting, publishing accounting and general business assistance. We cherish her assistance and professionalism within our business.
— Matthew O’Connor - Director - The A&R Department, Oxford Creative Academy, Former Head of A&R at Warner Music Australia

The value of Michaela’s involvement in the different businesses I’m involved with can best be described as “precious”. Her knowledge and experience in all areas of accounting and taxation are extensive and efficient. Her understanding and analysis of financial systems and their implications and implementation is superb. Her advice and counsel in relation to any and all legal & lawful matters encountered on the entrepreneurial path is considered, concise and compassionate. That’s right the 3 c’s. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Flynn Gower - Musician - Cog and The Occupants, Owner - Sorted Waste

My experience with Michaela Rankin has been nothing short of awesome. Her professional wisdom & understanding of the financial system right down to the fine print is worth is weight in gold. She has ones best interest at heart on how to navigate ones energy through the financial system to maximise ones wealth. I highly recommended her, her integrity speaks for itself.
— Lucius Borich - Musician and Producer - Cog

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